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It's about a man name Chris

Chris on his bike.jpeg

It's about a man named Chris....Chris Smith to be exact... local accountant, bike rider, father, Old Goat, family tradition maker, and crazy idea generator.

Chris is a legend among legends for taking friends and family where they have never been before, and somehow...we don't know how, they all come back a live. That's how this story starts, with Chris, a map, his sons, and a crazy idea.

A few years back Chris woke up one day and pulled out a map. He started searching for places to ride his beloved bike. His eyes landed on the town of Glenrock, WY. Specifically the Boxelder Canyon area south of town. He drew a few circles and marked a few roads. His wife said "Oh no you don't...Not by yourself you don't", so he recruited his sons, Brock and Ben, to set out on this exploration of roads and mountains. When the day was done,  it was hard, it was sweaty, it was gravel and was a true Cowboy Crusher and they were truly Cowboy Tough!

Chris planted the seed and the rest us have followed. Now we are sharing the beauty of Glenrock country with everyone. This is one route you will want to follow Chris down, and he promises you a good time and one heck of a shindig.

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