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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Life happens. We get it. We’ll try to be as flexible as possible, but there are limits to what we can do.

Refund Policy

  • Prior to May 1st: We will provide a maximum of 50% refund for Cowboy Crusher refund request.

  • After May 1st: There will be absolutely NO REFUNDS for any of the Cowboy Crusher races, distances, and categories.

  • We understand that circumstances may arise that prevent you from participating in our race, so by registering, you are taking on a risk.

Transfer Policy

Should you find yourself unable to participate for any circumstance, you may transfer your race entry to someone else. 

  • All transfer requests must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the posted race date. There will be a $10 transfer fee for any transfer request.

  • It is your personal responsibility to find someone to transfer your registration to.

  • Transfers will only be applied to the same Cowboy Crusher event year.

  • No registrations will be permitted to “roll-over” to the following year or be transferred to any other Cowboy Crusher event.

Distance Changes

  • You may change the distance of your race for a fee of $10 plus the difference in registration price if you are moving up in distance.

  • If you are moving down in distance, we will not refund the difference in price.

  • You may not change your race distance any later than 14 days prior to the posted race date.

  • You will receive a DNF (did not finish) if you do not complete the race distance you are registered for.

Cancellation Policy

If the race is canceled due to reasons out of our control, we ask that participants accept the financial risk of their entry fee. Please understand that YOU WILL NOT be refunded any portion of your entry fee if the race is canceled for reasons out of our control after May 1st (see refund policy above). Please understand that fees collected upon registration are used to directly pay for the supplies and services associated with the event such as: insurance, vendors, merchandise, aid station supplies, administrative expenses, permits, and other related expenses. 

If you are not comfortable with these risks and policies, then please do not register for our event.

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